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Metaware is a global and complete legacy modernization Company, leading provider of transformation technology, costs reduction & delivery services for the following markets:


Mainframe Migrations

Reuse valuable existing mainframe legacy assets, reduce costs, and realize agility gains by migrating your existing mainframe to Linux, Unix, or Windows based environments.


We provide complete solutions for the modernization of:

  • IBM mainframes
  • Bull mainframes

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Language & Database Migrations

Replace existing legacy languages or databases that are too costly or complex to maintain. 

We provide complete solutions for the migration of:

  • Natural, PL1, Assembler, Mantis…
  • IMS/DB, Adabas, IDMS, IDS2…

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Code Agilization

Regain control of your code and align IT with business needs by drastically improving applications maintainability.

We provide a complete solution to analyze and improve existing code base: cataloging, cluster components identification, clone identification and extraction, factorization, dead code removal...

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Very short time to Delivery: 3 to 9 months.

Modernization projects are delivered by Metaware using Refine® transformation Technology:


Refine® has emerged over the years as a widely used Technology for legacy modernization activities. The combination of eXtreme automation,  eXtreme precision, and automated testing, brings to the legacy modernization market unmatched transformation performance, resulting in zero defect projects.

Refine® Technology | ITW Jean-Luc Bellet | CEO & Chairman of the Board 


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Metaware successfully delivered over 200 Fixed Time and Fixed Price modernization engagements, for customers established in over 16 countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

In addition, Metaware gives access to its Refine Technology and related services to end-Clients and Partners.  More about Delivery Services •••