Mainframe Migrations


Ever increasing IT environment operating costs, obsolete technologies and resources, or difficulties in adapting rapidly to business needs, have led decision-makers to plan the migration of their IBM and BULL mainframes to agile and cost effective open platforms.

The objectives of migration projects are:

  • Significant reduction in hardware and software platform cost of ownership (typically up to 90% reduction in operating costs)
  • Implementation of modern and agile target architecture enabling the alignment of IT with business needs
  • Reduced application asset maintenance costs and time to market by simplifying the code, renovating the development tools (IDE) and introducing new industrialized maintenance processes.

Mainframe migration projects are high return on investment (ROI) projects. The typical payback period is less than 18 months.


Metaware provides unique IBM and BULL migration solutions combination of Refine® transformation technology & project delivery capabilities.

Metaware supports migrations to Unix, Linux or Windows of the following proprietary mainframe environments:


  zOS, os390, VM/VSE, DOS/VSE



Our migration solutions have the following characteristics:

Fixed time and fixed price engagements

Thanks to Refine eXtreme level of automation and to its risk management methodology, Metaware brings to market highly competitive fixed time and fixed price migration projects.

Improved performance

Migrated application shows significant improvements in response time, along with a drastic drop in batch run time.

Agile architectures

Migration target architectures are generally n-tier type, separating business logic from data access and presentation layers, rendering them more accessible to Web services.

Asset repository and documentation

Migrated applications are entered into and documented within the Refine repository, thus building upon the migration effort and allowing their easy upgrade and management (see Refine for governance, Refine for mass change and Refine for maintenance).

Test Repository

Migration projects require the implementation of a complete test repository, through captures and replays, in order to guarantee the functionality retention of the migrated application. The repository created in this manner and ported to the target platform remains available for asset upgrades.


With over 200 mainframe migration projects delivered in more than 16 countries, Metaware has acquired an unmatched experience in the market. Over 500 million lines of code have been successfully migrated, tested and switched over to production, to the full satisfaction of our customers.

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