Delivery Services

Metaware’s modernization projects are delivered in the form of Fixed Time and Fixed Price services engagements. In this context, Metaware commits on:

  • a fixed price
  • a fixed time (schedule)
  • compliance with specifications, generally referring to functional non-regression, response times, minimum software and hardware configuration, and maintainability

To deliver its projects, Metaware’s production team uses the Refine platform in SaaS mode.

The iterative modernization methodology developed and used by Metaware allows the easy integration of our customers' and partners resources on the project.

Our delivery centers are exclusively dedicated to the production of modernization projects. They have a unique focus and expertise and it constitutes a live laboratory within where new technical and methodological solutions are developed.

Unmatched achievements on the market

Metaware successfully delivered over 200 Fixed Time and Fixed Price modernization engagements for customers established in over 16 countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

The vast majority of these projects involved the migration of several million lines of code – up to several dozen million lines of code – for customers mission critical applications.


100% success rate

Throughout its entire history, and regardless of the circumstances, Metaware has never failed a single project. All projects entrusted to Metaware have been completed with the results expected by our customers.

Technology and methodology transfer

Having acquired the necessary maturity, Metaware has decided to place its experience at the service of its customers and partners by giving them access to the Refine platform in SaaS mode, along with a complete range of services enabling them to successfully complete their projects under the best possible conditions. The objective is to provide all users with the knowledge and know-how required to make the most of Refine modernization solutions. Training classes are available for the following populations:

  • Resources in charge of conducting modernization projects: Service centre director, project managers, technical managers, milestone managers, operatives. At the end of training, all of these personnel must have command of all processes, skills, organization and tools required to complete their project,
  • Developers in charge of the adaptation and development of new modernization solutions using the Refine SDK: analysts, project managers, Refine programmers, architects.