Code Agilization


Code adaptations to take into account new requirements such as:

  • application internationalization
  • version upgrades in the event of forwards incompatibility
  • expansion of data fields: identification number (contract, policy holder, product), currency amounts

Code refactoring aimed at improving intrinsic qualities such as maintainability, complexity, structure, without altering features:

  • standardization of coding rules (naming, structure, complexity, documentation)
  • code modularization and factorization to reduce complexity (cluster components)
  • creation of a centralized dictionary and data rationalization (polysemy, naming)

Business rule extraction (SOA enablement) with, in particular:

  • identification and documentation of candidate rules
  • business rule isolation, extraction and encapsulation


Refine technology brings to market a new generation of tools with the necessary flexibility and power to process mass change operations under strict financial, risk and deadline constraints.

  • flexibility in the development of mass transformation rules specific to each project (via the Refine query language)
  • eXtreme automation eliminating manual changes sources of anomalies
  • eXtreme precision
  • accessibility of the Refine transformation platform in SaaS mode, enabling Metaware and client maintenance teams to collaborate in real time, combining their functional and language expertise in order to define the best transformation model

The performance of the Refine platform, combined with the flexibility of the programming model, accessible through our SaaS model, provides a unique solution to the Code Agilization market.


Code agilization projects delivered by Metaware using Refine technology allow IT organization to regain control and decrease complexity of existing code. Such projects result in significant code agililty gains translating into more efficient and productive development teams. Code agilization projects align IT with business needs by improving time to market.

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