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Onderlinge’s-Gravenhage has moved from the Bull GCOS 7 Mainframe to Open Source with significant cost savings of over € 1 million & a complet ROI in 18 months.



Paris, France – Metaware Refine® | Onderlinge’s-Gravenhage has moved their Life Insurance Policy Management System from the GCOS 7 Mainframe to Open Source, Enterprise Linux, using COBOL-IT, Metaware Refine® Technology. Onderlinge’s-Gravenhage estimates a cost saving of over € 1 million and a complete Return-on-Investment in 18 months.The migration was completed with no change in functionality, with performance improvements in batch programs and with significant cost savings. Read more.



Metaware signs mainframe modernization project for Leading vacation club

Leading vacation Club Operator and Travel Organizer selects Metaware to rehost core business critical applications to Linux. 


Paris, France – Metaware, the leader in mainframe modernization company, announced it has awarded another contract by a top global vacation club operator and travel organizer. As part of the contract, Metaware will rehost SAG Natural-based core business applications from an IBM mainframe onto Linux. 

More and more mainframe customers in the 1000-5000 IBM MIPS range are questioning the price / performance ratio of their platform and decide to move to alternate Linux platforms. Metaware is excited to start this new project to help this customer reduce costs, improve agility, and fund innovation.



Metaware successfully delivered Interforum - Editis, IBM migration to Solaris

Metaware successfully delivered Interforum’s IBM migration to Solaris, for the fixed time and fixed price engagement. 


Paris, France – Metaware successfully delivered Interforum’s IBM migration to Solaris, for the fixed time and fixed price engagement. Metaware experts were in charge of the Overall project management for:

· Source components migration, using Refine® Technology,
· Automated regression testing,
· Integration and switch-over to production.
The main benefits gained for Interforum are:
· Substantial project Return On Investment,
· TCO in the Target environment compared to the Source environment reduced by 76%,
· Alignment of target architecture with business need, by using modern and agile technologies.

Customer Testimonial. Patrice RIBEAUCOURT | CIO Interforum | Editis Group | Paris






Nic Volanschi – Language Migration Expert at Metaware – Presents safe clone based refactoring solution at the IWSC convention in Zurich, Switzerland

Presented at the 2012 IWSC convention in Zurich, Switzerland, Metapp is a general-purpose text preprocessor featuring a minimalistic macro language. Its primary intended purpose is to add macros to legacy programming languages such as Cobol or JCL, but it can be used in a wider spectrum of text processing applications.


Metapp is implemented in Perl and provides access to a significant part of Perl within the macro language. When used in conjunction with a programming language, macros are a powerful mechanism for code factorization. The metapp implementation of macros is considerably more powerful both than Cobol's COPY REPLACING and C's preprocessor (CPP) directives.


Metapp consists of only one Perl file: metappThere is a research paper describing Metapp and one application of it to program refactoring:

Nic Volanschi | Language Migration Expert at Metaware presents Safe Clone-Based Refactoring through Stereotype Identification and Iso-Generationat the IWSC'12 Convention in Zurich, Switzerland | 6th International Workshop On Software Clones, 2012.  More about metapp...

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Metaware signs mainframe migration project for Spanish insurance company



Metaware successfully delivers zOS migration to Unix for aerospace leader



Metaware successfully delivers migration of zOS migration to Unix for Belgium bank



Metaware signs zOS migration of a first application for northern American utilities company



Metaware signs zOS to Linux migration contract with global Italian bank



Metaware signs Datastage to SSIS migration contract with international French bank



Metaware signs Mainframe migration contract with leading insurance company in the Netherlands



Metaware successfully delivers zOS to Windows migration in Belgium Public Sector



Metaware signs first technology PaaS agreement in Asia Pacific with Metalogic Systems



Metaware successfully delivers the migration of 25,000 zOS programs for leading car manufacturer



Metaware signs Mainframe to Unix migration project for UK based leading insurance company



Metaware signs Mainframe to Unix migration project in Puerto Rico with leading insurance company



Metaware successfully delivers GCOS7 to Unix migration project for UK based insurance company



Metaware successfully delivers zOS Pacbase to Unix migration project for leading french banking institution



Metaware signs zOS to Linux migration project with leading french publishing company


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